Six Things To Include When Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Volante’s Bespoke Configuration 3 Panel Horizontal Wardrobe in Pasadena Pine and Dust Grey. Creating the perfect guest bedroom means including all the essentials for comfort and convenience. At HKS Interiors, we understand the importance of creating that comfortable sanctuary for your guests to retreat to. From the essentials in fitted furniture and layout to the … Read more

HKS Charity Fundraiser Bake Sale

HKS are a family-run business with over forty years of experience designing and installing beautiful kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Alongside our passion and dedication to home interiors, we are also committed to supporting charities in the wider community.  Recently, HKS embarked on an exciting journey to support Sue Ryder, a charitable organisation dedicated to offering … Read more

How To Create A Timeless Sanctuary In Your Bathroom

At HKS Interiors, we specialise in transforming bathrooms into serene, timeless sanctuaries that transcend fleeting trends and become integral, cherished parts of your home. Our approach merges the timeless appeal of classic design with the comfort of modern living, creating spaces that are not only aesthetically enduring but also supremely functional. In the bathroom, a … Read more

Discovering Your Ideal Kitchen Style

At HKS, we appreciate that the kitchen is not only a place where culinary creations come to life. It is the hive of your home where life happens, and memories unfold. Therefore, it can be overwhelming to choose the right kitchen style to create a space that reflects your personality and meets your functional needs. … Read more

A Summer to Remember with Bora’s Innovative Technology at HKS Interiors

On Saturday the 23rd of September, HKS Interiors proudly presented an exclusive Bora showcase event, inviting guests to indulge in the luxury and innovation showcased by our exquisite Bora appliance collection. Set amidst the elegant backdrop of our HKS Interiors Showroom in Hayward Heath, attendees had the opportunity not only to see our Bora appliances … Read more

The Benefits Of Having A Dressing Room

There’s so much to consider whilst planning your upcoming fitted bedroom design. Here at HKS, we thrive on creating bespoke, fitted bedrooms that match all your specifications. When contemplating the different components of a new bedroom project, we always ask our clients how they wish to incorporate a dressing room into their upcoming design. Drawing … Read more

10 of the Latest Kitchen Trends

At HKS we appreciate the significance of the kitchen in your home, not merely a place for culinary creations, it’s also a place where lasting memories are made. Before embarking on your kitchen design journey at HKS, we recommend looking at some of the latest inspiring and provocative kitchen trends that may spark your imagination … Read more

5 Things To Consider When Planning A New Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s inevitably where friends and family end up congregating, and although the pull of a cosy living room is always present, hours seem to disappear whilst spending time in the kitchen. However, creating a space that delivers on practicality and style is no mean feat. So where … Read more

A Guide To Fitted Bedrooms

Roma Blonde Wood & Frost White Bedroom

Ranging from simple, fitted wardrobes to a combination of drawers, shelves, desks and more, fitted bedrooms are incredibly popular. They offer a practical way to maximise space and achieve an elegant, streamlined interior. Here at HKS, all our beautiful bespoke bedrooms are meticulously designed around you to help you achieve more from your home. Our … Read more

Modern Or Traditional – Choosing A Bathroom Style

Bathrooms play a crucial role in the busy daily running of family life. However, they can also offer a quiet place to relax and enjoy some downtime. As well as streamlining your routine, a beautiful bespoke bathroom can provide a moment of calm and luxury when you need it most. A range of factors go … Read more

Which Kitchen Layout Is The Best?

Granite Kitchen Island

Whether you’re tired of cooking on cramped work surfaces or constantly darting backwards and forwards just to prepare simple meals, it’s not hard to see why your kitchen layout is so important. And when an opportunity to solve your kitchen woes presents itself, you’ll no doubt be wondering exactly which kitchen layout is the best? … Read more

The Best Places In Sussex To Stock Up Your New Kitchen

Whether you can’t wait to get cooking in your new kitchen, or you’re planning a picnic in the lovely Sussex countryside, there are plenty of places to pick up some fantastic local produce. From fresh vegetables to high welfare meat, making the most of these high-quality local ingredients is a great way to elevate a … Read more

How To Design The Perfect Kitchen For Cooking & Socialising

Here at HKS, we’ve been designing and installing wonderful bespoke kitchens for 40 years next year, and during this time, we’ve seen a big change in how people use their space. Kitchens are no longer just a place for cooking and washing up; they are the heart of the home and the hub of family … Read more

The Ultimate In Modern Luxury- Creating Your Perfect Handleless Kitchen

Sleek, sophisticated and practical, handleless kitchens continue to grow in popularity. And here at HKS, we’ve designed and installed hundreds of luxurious handleless kitchens for clients throughout Sussex. While handleless kitchens were previously synonymous with cutting-edge, minimalist aesthetics, influences from Japanese, Scandinavian, traditional and sustainable kitchen trends have brought wonderful versatility to this kitchen style. … Read more

Beautiful Fitted Bedroom Ideas From The Classic To The Contemporary

Como Rough Cut Oak & Gloss Cashmere Bedroom

Investing in a stunning fitted bedroom that’s tailored to suit the dimensions of your room as well as your individual style is a wonderful way to get the most from your interior. Here at HKS, our beautiful bespoke fitted bedrooms are designed to neatly accommodate all your belongings while perfectly complementing and enhancing the look … Read more

How To Create A Beautiful Traditional Style Kitchen

At HKS, we’ve been designing and installing gorgeous East Sussex kitchens for coming up to 40 years. And while we’ve seen plenty of trends come and go, the elegant traditional kitchen style has always remained incredibly popular. Whether you live in a quaint countryside cottage or a modern new build, a traditional kitchen design makes … Read more

Storage Tips & Ideas To Create A Practical & Stylish Kitchen

Here at HKS, we’ve been designing and installing outstanding Sussex kitchens for over 35 years, and one thing that our clients always ask is, will I have enough storage? It can be surprising just how much space utensils, crockery, appliances, and ingredients can take up. But with our smart storage solutions and some clever kitchen … Read more

How To Achieve A Perfect Layout For Your Sussex Bathroom

The layout of your Sussex bathroom will provide the all-important foundations of your design. Achieving a great layout from the get-go is undeniably the difference between creating an adequate bathroom and a spectacular one. Finding the perfect layout to suit your space can be a challenge, but at HKS, our experienced and talented designers are … Read more

5 Beautiful Bespoke Features To Elevate Your Sussex Kitchen

Ultimately most kitchens are comprised of several crucial elements; storage, worktops and appliances. These elements form the basis of any practical kitchen, however, creating a truly inspiring space that you’ll love spending time in requires a little more careful consideration and planning. At HKS we strive to design kitchens that go beyond the everyday, creating … Read more

Design Ideas & Inspiration For Your Sussex Kitchen Project

At HKS we’ve been designing and installing outstanding bespoke kitchens across Sussex for almost 40 years. Every kitchen we create is tailored around our client’s taste, lifestyle and Sussex home, which makes each and every one unique. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to creating your ideal kitchen that it … Read more

How To Make The Most Of A Small Bathroom

Bathrooms are unlike any other room in our homes, they must be incredibly practical and durable but should also provide a perfect retreat for relaxation, and in a small space, this can be challenging to achieve. At HKS, we’ve been designing and installing gorgeous Sussex bathrooms that do just this for almost 40 years and … Read more

The Top 5 Neff Appliances To Include In Your Kitchen in 2021

Neff Ovens

At HKS, we’re dedicated to creating kitchens that put the joy back into cooking. Preparing midweek meals in a poorly designed space can be a drag, while cooking for a crowd seems like an unthinkable task, but with our years of experience and our expert knowledge, we endeavour to transform your home with a bespoke … Read more

Our Favourite Kitchen Colour Schemes

At the beginning of every year, interior designers across the country try to predict what the latest trends will be in the coming months, and while looking to the most innovative new design trends can be a fantastic place to find inspiration for your project, at HKS we understand that you expect your kitchen to … Read more

6 Timeless Kitchen Design Trends

Marble Kitchen Island

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our home and, as well as using it for cooking, it’s at the heart of our social lives, providing a place to spend time with friends and family. A recent study has shown that, on average, we spend more time in our kitchens than we … Read more

Bringing Colour into Your Bathroom

Introducing colour into your bathroom can bring real life & character to an otherwise plain space. Whether you want to create a dramatic atmosphere, inject a splash of personality or simply brighten up your bathroom, there are a number of innovative ways you can bring colour into your bathroom. Read on to get some colour-related … Read more

5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances For Your New Space

Bora Square 2

Ensuring that your kitchen looks incredible is, of course, high on the list of priorities when creating your new space. As well as looking great though, you’ll also need your new kitchen to be cutting-edge when it comes to functionality and to be well-equipped to meet the demands of your daily life. New, innovative appliances … Read more

2020 Kitchen Design Trends

At HKS, we understand just how much thought, research & emotion goes into creating your dream kitchen. To help give you some ideas & inspiration for your new space, we’ve compiled a short guide with some of the most popular & exciting kitchens trends for 2020…   Broken Plan Living Broken plan living is an … Read more

6 Reasons To Choose a Kitchen Island

Scandi Kitchen

Kitchen islands are an increasingly popular choice with our customers here at HKS. An island can truly complete your kitchen and adds a real focal point to your space. It can create a perfect social hub whilst also bringing real practical benefits to your kitchen such as allowing you to incorporate additional storage and appliances … Read more

Inspiring Kitchen Lighting Ideas

While your cabinet and worktops are usually the key components of your kitchen design, the lighting you choose for your new space will have a significant impact on the mood & atmosphere of your space as well as how practical it is to use. Whether you are looking for a statement lighting feature or ceiling … Read more

Fitted Bedrooms Heathfield

Classic Bedroom

Looking for fitted bedrooms in Heathfield? Then look no further than us! Here at HKS we are experts at designing fitted bedrooms that are created to your exact specifications. We want to give you a place of solace and seclusion, so we’ll do everything in our power to give you the bedroom of your dreams. … Read more