NEFF Appliances at HKS

We're proud to be Sussex's leading supplier of NEFF appliances.

We're proud to be Sussex's leading supplier of NEFF appliances.

Smart Home Connect Technology

As one of the industry’s leading innovators NEFF has developed the latest smart technology to enhance your cooking creativity. Home Connect brings the future to your kitchen by allowing you to manage your oven, fridge and even your dishwasher using your home Wi-Fi either via a mobile app or with voice control. This means you can monitor and control your appliances easily wherever you are, so whether you forget an ingredient and have to dash to the shops or you want to enjoy a perfectly slow-cooked stew when you get home from work you will never have to worry or battle with complicated timers again. NEFF’s Home Connect technology features the additional benefit of providing remote diagnostics, so if you are experiencing a fault with one of your appliances NEFF’s engineers will be able to deliver support and resolve the problem immediately without having to arrange an inconvenient home visit. NEFF’s pioneering smart technology really is a step into the future.


NEFF's Sussex Master Partner

At HKS, we're a NEFF MasterPartner® which means we're amongst an elite group of retailers across the UK with specialist expertise & knowledge of NEFF's incredible products.

Whether you’re preparing dinner for the family, entertaining guests or baking on a Sunday afternoon, NEFF’s appliances are here to help. Our expert team have unrivalled knowledge of NEFF's products and will work with you closely to ensure that you choose the right appliances to perfectly meet the demands of your daily life.


Incredible State-of-the-Art Steam Cooking

NEFF’s innovative range of ovens fuse traditional cooking modes with steam technology to achieve perfect results every time. Steam cooking has the ability to intensify the flavours of your favourite dishes as well as retaining nutrients for healthy and delicious meals. NEFF’s steam cooking technology is incredibly easy to use, simply operate and refill the water container when needed. This revolutionary new cooking facility is available in both the CircoTherm and Vario Steam models. With a Vario Steam appliance, you will be able to adapt your oven to provide three different levels of intensity that give just the right amount of moisture whether you are baking bread or roasting meat. CircoTherm is one of the most effective ovens for providing even cooking with absolutely no transfer of flavours, this means you can bake desserts and main meals all at the same time for ultimate convenience and efficiency. Consider a NEFF steam oven to elevate your cooking capabilities.

Pyrolytic Self Cleaning

It doesn’t get much better than an oven that almost cleans itself. NEFF’s pyrolytic cleaning technology makes scrubbing the oven a thing of the past. An incredibly high temperature cleaning cycle turns food residues and grease to dust that’s then deposited on the bottom of the oven so you can simply wipe it away. For cooking without all the hassle of cleaning up afterwards, consider opting for a NEFF oven with pyrolytic self-cleaning.

NEFF Kitchen Appliances at HKS

From compact ovens & vented hobs to the very latest in Smart cooking technologies, NEFF's industry-leading range of products are unmatched when it comes to bringing cutting-edge functionality to your kitchen.

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