A Guide To Fitted Bedrooms

Ranging from simple, fitted wardrobes to a combination of drawers, shelves, desks and more, fitted bedrooms are incredibly popular. They offer a practical way to maximise space and achieve an elegant, streamlined interior. Here at HKS, all our beautiful bespoke bedrooms are meticulously designed around you to help you achieve more from your home. Our luxurious quality, custom-made furniture is built to provide year upon year of satisfaction. However, while fitted bedrooms provide plenty of benefits, there are a few factors you may want to consider. We’ve outlined all the pros and cons to help you decide whether a fitted bedroom is right for you.


The Benefits Of Opting For A Fitted Bedroom

A Great Way To Utilise Space

Opting for a fitted bedroom is an excellent way to utilise space that could otherwise go to waste. High-quality, fitted furniture should be built to fit the exact dimensions of your room, taking sloping ceilings, alcoves, and skirting boards into account. This allows you to turn every last inch into valuable storage. Sliding doors can help you maximise space even further, making them perfect for smaller rooms.

Practical Custom Internal Options

Whether you need somewhere to store your collection of designer handbags or organise your ties, with a fitted bedroom, you can customise your storage to ensure everything has a place. Personalising the internal layout of your wardrobe or drawers is a great way to stay organised and streamline your daily routine. Bespoke fitted furniture makes a fabulous addition to a luxurious dressing room or walk-in wardrobe.

Easier To Keep Neat & Tidy

With freestanding furniture, dust can build up in numerous places. Moving drawers around and trying to reach the top of your wardrobe is probably not how you enjoy spending your spare time. Fitted furniture makes cleaning and tidying your bedroom much easier. As well as not having to worry about dusting hard-to-reach places, the additional custom storage makes putting everything away quick and simple.

Bring An Elegant Bespoke Look To Your Interior

Most fitted bedroom retailers offer a fantastic choice of styles, finishes and features to personalise your design. Here at HKS, we have a gorgeous collection of traditional and modern styles to suit every taste. From warm solid wood finishes to stylish custom shelving niches, there are so many ways to add the perfect finishing touch to your design. Unlike off-the-shelf freestanding furniture, you can tailor your fitted bedroom to complement your individual style and bring a beautiful bespoke look to your space.

Timeless & Long-lasting

Provided you choose a well-regarded, professional retailer, your fitted bedroom should last for many years. The bespoke nature of fitted furniture often means it is better quality than the basic, flat-pack pieces available on the high street. Furthermore, the clean, streamlined look of beautifully made built-in furniture makes them less likely to age.

Increase The Value Of Your Property

A fitted bedroom could add value to your property! Research by Country Properties has shown that people are likely to pay more for a home with fitted storage. Not only are fitted bedrooms appealing to buyers due to their ability to maximise space, but they also make it quick and convenient to move in without investing in brand-new furniture.

Traditional Bedroom design


Things To Consider

A Long Term Investment

Since fitted furniture is made bespoke to your specific requirements, it inevitably costs more than most mass-produced products. However, since it is built to last, it can be a worthwhile long-term investment. You may also want to consider having your fitted bedroom professionally installed, which will also add to the price. That being said, the time and stress saved, and the flawless finish achieved by opting for a professional fit make it well worth considering.

Can’t Be Rearranged

Unlike freestanding furniture, you can’t just pick your fitted wardrobe up and move it to the other side of the room. But, as long as you dedicate plenty of thought to perfecting your design, you shouldn’t need to rearrange your room. To be on the safe side, you may want to discuss your plans with a specialist bedroom designer to ensure you’ve considered all the options.

Best For Your Forever Home

Likewise, should you decide to move house, you won’t be able to take your fitted furniture with you. If you plan to relocate soon, you’ll need to weigh up whether the potential financial and practical benefits are worth the cost.


A beautiful bespoke fitted bedroom can transform your daily routine and elevate the look of your space. For many, investing in fitted bedroom furniture offers an excellent way to maximise storage and get more from your home. However, as they can be more expensive, you’ll want to ensure you make the right decision both in terms of whether a fitted bedroom is for you and the overall design. For more advice on achieving a beautiful bespoke fitted bedroom, you can speak with our experts by calling 01435 866166 or emailing sales@hks-uk.com. We’d love to hear from you.