Modern Or Traditional – Choosing A Bathroom Style

Bathrooms play a crucial role in the busy daily running of family life. However, they can also offer a quiet place to relax and enjoy some downtime. As well as streamlining your routine, a beautiful bespoke bathroom can provide a moment of calm and luxury when you need it most. A range of factors go into creating the perfect practical and inviting interior. One factor you’ll want to get to grips with fairly early on in your project is bathroom styles. Most designs fall under one of two categories — modern or traditional. Modern bathrooms tend to feature clean-lined, minimal fixtures and fittings, whereas traditional designs are more ornate. Which style is best for you primarily comes down to taste. However, there are some other aspects you may want to consider. Our short guide should give you an insight into the two different styles and what they offer.


Traditional Bathrooms

You don’t have to have a traditional property to embrace a vintage bathroom style. A classic design can bring wonderful character to a family bathroom or superb luxury to an en-suite.

Timeless Luxury

A gorgeous claw foot bathtub is probably one of the first features that spring to mind when we mention traditional bathrooms. An elaborate freestanding tub will certainly bring a luxurious focal point to a classic space. However, if you’re not one for long, leisurely soaks, a vintage shower makes a great alternative. After enduring in popularity for more than a hundred years, you can rest assured the regal Edwardian look won’t go out of style.

Charming, Characterful & Homely

If you prefer something more homely and understated, a classic country-style bathroom could be just what you’re looking for. Think tongue and groove panelling, soft blues, beiges, moss greens, natural wood and rustic detailing. Combining lots of personal touches like stylish storage baskets, quirky ornaments and vintage bath racks, this cosy traditional theme feels totally on-trend.

Stylish Bathroom

Lots Of Furniture Options

From antique washstands to shaker-style vanity units, one of the fantastic things about traditional bathrooms is the charming range of furniture you can incorporate within your design. A beautifully crafted bathroom cabinet is sure to leave your space brimming with character and much-needed storage.

Modern Bathrooms

Ideal for maximising small spaces and minimising your cleaning schedule, modern bathrooms are perfect for those who prefer a sleek, pared-back look.

Clean & Stylish

From elegant, curved bathtubs to slick, minimal-looking taps, a lack of extraneous detail gives modern bathrooms a clean and sophisticated ambience. A refreshing neutral colour scheme offers a stunning way to accentuate this chic, pared-back aesthetic. However, if not executed properly, modern, all-white bathrooms can look a little cold. Accents of natural wood and warm lighting will counteract a cool contemporary scheme beautifully.

Modern Bathroom

Great For Small Spaces

Thanks to their uncluttered looks and space-saving features, modern bathrooms are ideal for maximising compact interiors. Unlike traditional bathroom furniture, wall-mounted vanities and toilets won’t encroach on your floor area, creating the illusion of space. You can find more information about designing a small bathroom by clicking here.

Experiment With Colour & Pattern

Modern bathrooms make the ideal place to get creative with colour and pattern. With hundreds of bold tiles, dramatic wallpapers and gorgeous paint colours to choose from, there’s no limit to the range of looks you can create. This year, colour drenching and colour clashing are all the rage, with greens, pinks, teal and terracotta oranges stealing the show.

Traditional Bathroom

Something In-between

If you love the timeless looks of a traditional theme but need something low maintenance to suit your busy family lifestyle, a transitional design offers a great solution.

Traditional Furniture Meets Modern Fixtures

A stunning oak vanity and simple straight bath bring a touch of classic charm to this contemporary bathroom. Chic black hardware and opulent marble-effect tiles set a stylish and luxurious tone. The traditional vanity is a must in terms of storage. It introduces lovely warmth to this compact space, while a large mirror and minimal fixtures help open up the room.

Contemporary Sanitaryware In A Classic Setting

Featuring magnificent traditional wall panelling and vintage floor tiles, this gorgeous modern bath doesn’t look out of place in this stylish classic setting. A practical and elegant contemporary suite can bring a sophisticated modern edge to a beautiful traditional design.

Freestanding bath in white


Both modern and traditional bathroom styles offer amazing design potential. Whichever you choose, you’ll undoubtedly find plenty of opportunities to personalise your interior and make your space your own. If you would like to discuss your design with our knowledgeable team, we would love to hear from you. Please call us on 01435 866166 or email