2020 Kitchen Design Trends

At HKS, we understand just how much thought, research & emotion goes into creating your dream kitchen.

To help give you some ideas & inspiration for your new space, we’ve compiled a short guide with some of the most popular & exciting kitchens trends for 2020…


Broken Plan Living

Broken plan living is an evolution of the better-known idea of open plan living. It’s essentially the concept of introducing zones to open plan living to create more intimacy and it’s something which our designers are incorporating into projects more & more here at HKS.

Scandi Kitchen

The evolution of open-plan living continues but it is less about one big space and more about the clever use of it, such as using different floor finishes, changes in levels and semi-permanent partitions like bookcases, distinct areas, or zones for cooking, studying and relaxing.


Smart Technologies

As well as ensuring that your new kitchen looks incredible, it’s of course equally important that it’s cutting-edge when it comes to functionality.

Technology & appliances have advanced dramatically over recent years. In 2020, we’re very much spoilt for choice when it comes to bringing truly cutting-edge functionality to our kitchens. Smart technologies mean that you can now control pretty much any part of your kitchen directly from your phone.

NEFF’s Home Connect allows you to preheat your oven with voice control, cool down your fridge at the click of a button and start brewing your morning coffee whilst you’re still waking up.


Statement Taps

It’s attention to detail that can help to transform a kitchen into a truly remarkable space.

Statement taps continue to grow in popularity and are a fantastic way to bring a subtle touch of elegance & class to your kitchen. They’re a great way to compliment other aspects of your space and work fantastically well in both modern, minimalist spaces as well as in more traditional, shaker-style kitchens.

Brass taps are proving very popular with our customers at the moment and it’s easy to understand why. They look absolutely incredible & bring a real luxurious touch to any kitchen.


Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have been popular with our customers for a number of years now and their popularity shows no sign of slowing.

An island provides a perfect focal point for socialising with friends and family whilst also bringing lots of practical benefits to your kitchen. A kitchen island is a particularly effective way of creating additional storage in your kitchen as well as providing a place to incorporate more appliances.



Shades Of Blue

There are a number of colours that are proving popular in 2020 but blue is certainly one of the stand-out favourites in the world of kitchen design right now. Darker shades of blue will create a warm & sophisticated feel in your kitchen whilst lighter shades will give your space a fresher & more contemporary feel.



Smarter, Sleeker Storage

Open shelving, glazed display cabinets & modular units continue to grow in popularity and provide the perfect opportunity to inject your own personality into your kitchen.

Simple, open shelves are timeless & practical and work particularly well in both modern & traditional kitchens alike.

Industrial style modular units look striking in contemporary kitchens and can be incorporated with both wall and base units. A beautifully designed display area will create a unique and personalised space which will bring real character and individuality to your space.



Speak With An Expert Designer…

Although our showrooms may be closed for the time being, our design team are very much still on hand to discuss your project. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working to update & re-engineer our processes to ensure that we’re able to offer our customers a first-class design service which can be experience entirely remotely. If you’d like to get in touch with us and speak with one of our designers, you can contact us now by clicking here.