5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances For Your New Space

Ensuring that your kitchen looks incredible is, of course, high on the list of priorities when creating your new space. As well as looking great though, you’ll also need your new kitchen to be cutting-edge when it comes to functionality and to be well-equipped to meet the demands of your daily life.

New, innovative appliances & technologies have the potential to transform your kitchen, enabling you to take the functionality & practicality of your space to a whole new level. Whether you’re dreaming of a sophisticated spot for entertaining or a functional space that helps you through those hectic Monday mornings, there are many options out there that will make stunning additions to your new kitchen.


NEFF Home Connect

As the world becomes increasingly connected and tech-oriented every day, it is only natural that your kitchen should follow suit. NEFF Home Connect will transform your kitchen experience, allowing you to control your appliances via a smartphone app and transforming the way you use your kitchen. From pre-heating the oven before you get in the door to putting the kettle on from the comfort of your bed, NEFF’s innovative technology will give you more time to focus on the fun things in life. Not only are smart appliances practical, they are also sleek, contemporary additions to any kitchen with stunning styles that will look great in your new space.

NEFF Home Connect


Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are a safe and easy solution to cooking, with a flat reflective surface that conducts energy more efficiently than most traditional varieties of hobs. Innovative technology means that temperature stays constant, giving you higher quality cooking that is less likely to burn. A more environmentally friendly and effective way of hob cooking, induction hobs are also a family-friendly option as the surface is cool to the touch and turns off automatically when a pan is not in contact with it.

Induction hobs are also a stylish addition to a contemporary kitchen design, as the surface sits flat to a worktop creating a seamless, linear look that is easy to wipe and keep clean.

Here at HKS, we stock a wide range of innovative induction hobs including Bora’s cutting-edge combined cooktop & extractor system (below).

Bora Professional Induction Hob


Quooker Hot Water Taps

A small but stylish addition to your kitchen design, Quooker hot water taps will save time and effort whether it is with filling up pans or making hot drinks for friends and family. These taps provide boiling, warm and ice-cold water at the touch of a button, taking waiting out of the equation. Also featuring an extendable nozzle, the Quooker tap is practical for filling up large pans that cannot be lifted, as well as for washing up more efficiently.

Silver Quooker Tap


Cooker Hoods

While cooker hoods may seem like a less interesting design choice, they are crucial in creating a functioning kitchen environment. While there are many styles that can add to the appearance of your kitchen, they have an important role in removing smoke and grease from your cooking spaces to make your surroundings clean and fresh. The size and typical use of your kitchen will affect which cooker hood you choose: extraction and chimney hoods are more statement choices that will be larger, louder and quicker at removing cooking fumes, however, smaller spaces may only require integrated hoods that are more subtle in appearance.

Scandi Kitchen

Considering how you use your kitchen on a daily basis is likely to impact which cooker hood you choose, as well as taking into account clever functions such as lighting and touch-sensitive controls that may be practical for your household.


Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are a luxurious choice, but one that will benefit anyone who enjoys entertaining. Depending on the size of your space as well as your requirements, wine coolers can come in a variety of measurements as freestanding units or as a part of your fitted kitchen design.

A wine cooler will eliminate all of the variables in the storage environment, providing a constant temperature that keeps your wine in the best possible condition. Additionally, LED lighting and UV protection will prevent wine from spoiling and ensuring that every glass takes incredible.


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