Bringing Colour into Your Bathroom

Introducing colour into your bathroom can bring real life & character to an otherwise plain space. Whether you want to create a dramatic atmosphere, inject a splash of personality or simply brighten up your bathroom, there are a number of innovative ways you can bring colour into your bathroom.

Read on to get some colour-related inspiration for your own project…

Bathroom Accessories

One of the most simple and budget-friendly ways to bring colour into your bathroom is to choose colourful accessories. These gorgeous soft pink towels perfectly complement the elegant grey colour palette of this traditional bathroom. The beautiful pink gives a feminine touch to the space and, although the colour is very subtle, it completely elevates the aesthetic of the room. Other finishing touches such as the vase and perfume bottle emphasise the accent colour, adding character and framing the central shower fitting. To accessorise your bathroom, you may want to consider colourful towels, artwork, small vessels, plants or toiletries.


Painting the walls of your bathroom is another simple but effective way to bring colour & personality to your room. This stunning and on-trend grey-green shade (below) looks spectacular in this classic bathroom. The deep muted tone combined with dark flooring creates a dramatic statement. Such bold colours may seem daunting at first, but in this bathroom, when paired with a lighter grey vanity and white worksurfaces, the darker shade feels tranquil and airy. There are an infinite amount of options when it comes to painting your bathroom but consider muted and natural tones for a calming effect and cooler tones for a fresher more modern feel. It is worth mentioning that chalk paints and darker colours can show watermarks so these types of paint should be applied sensitively.


Introducing pattern can be an exciting and clever way to bring colour and personality to your bathroom. A solid wall colour can feel overwhelming, however, opting for a pattern allows you to pick out an accent tone for a more subtle effect. In the bathroom below, the burnt orange leaf details in the wallpaper are creatively reflected in the linen making a wonderful colour accent. The delicately patterned paper contrasts with the geometric tiles for a stunning and unique design.

These decorative Moroccan tiles create an incredibly striking effect. The black and gold accessories in this bathroom are very much on-trend right now and perfectly complete this contemporary and lively space.

Wallpaper and tiles are both excellent solutions for including pattern in your bathroom. Tiles can be used in smaller or larger sections throughout the bathroom to bring a balance of colour and texture. Patterned tiles can also look fantastic as flooring in both modern and traditional bathrooms to add a subtle colour to the space.

Baths & Sinks

A new and more unusual way to add colour is through the bathroom fixtures themselves. Colourful bathtubs and sinks are becoming increasingly popular and are available in an ever-increasing range of colours. This bright blue basin brings a wonderful and unique pop of colour to this room, looking great in a modern space. The vibrant blue provides an accent, enhancing the more subtle pale tint on the walls.

For a different take on adding colour, consider introducing opulent and fashionable metallics. This copper roll-top bathtub looks extraordinary. The warm copper tone looks remarkable contrasted against the natural stone finish on the walls, creating a striking classic yet minimalist aesthetic. While this design is completely breathtaking, you can see how including on trend metallics in your space offers an opportunity to bring more luxurious and subtle hints of colour.

Bathroom Furniture

Vanity units make an excellent feature to bring colour to a space as they are just the right size to create an understated yet effective statement. Whether you continue the effect as an accent through the room or just add a burst of colour, placing the highlight below your line of sight adds interest without dominating the space. In the nautical style bathroom below, the navy-blue shade runs level from the vanity units to the bath panel for a wonderful and subtle result. Dark navy is a superb colour choice for a timeless and classic bathroom style.

An alternative to a pure block colour, and something we have worked on with a lot of our Bathroom design clients in throughout Sussex, is to soften the room with natural materials such as wood. This light oak floating vanity unit contrasts beautifully with the dark grey wall bringing texture as well as warmth to the room. Natural materials are ideal for a bathroom as they bring a peaceful and spa-like ambience.

Bathroom with wooden finish


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