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Achieve cooking perfection with state-of-the-art, market-leading technology from Bora and discover what their cutting-edge cooktop extraction system can do for your new kitchen.

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Bora have supplied incredible hob systems and cooktop extraction methods for our customers over the past few years. Bora products are so popular among our kitchen customers that we are now one of the UK's leading stockists. You can view a range of Bora products at out Haywards Heath, Heathfield and Eastbourne showrooms. We can offer expert advice, fantastic prices, quick delivery and can even help you with your plans for ducting & venting. To find out more, including information on pricing, please call either Lloyd or Gary on 01435 866166 using option 3 or 5 and we will answer any questions you may have.

Cooktop Extractor System

Bora, founded in 2006 by Willi Bruckbauer, is perhaps the most exciting kitchen appliance company on the market today. Rapid growth began with the invention of the Bora Professional, a marvellously-effective cooktop extractor system that completely removes the need for large cooker hoods and bulky extractor fans.

Bora’s forward-thinking ethos has paved the way for an array of further products which all meet Bora’s seven ‘advantages’; Fresher air, quieter operation, clearer views across the kitchen without chunky cooker hoods, simple cleaning, effectiveness, quality of materials and design freedom. These reasons alone are why Bora proves to be a popular choice for so many of our clients here at HKS.

Bora Classic

Keeping Your Kitchen Fresh

A common problem when cooking meals is that smells and odours hang around for long periods of time, often escaping into other parts of the house. Over the years, this is something that many of us have become accustomed to. With a Bora cooktop extractor fan system, it doesn’t have to be this way. The modern system means that cooking smells and odours are quickly sucked into the extraction system before they are allowed to escape into the room.

Bora uses two methods of banishing smells. The ‘Exhaust System’ simply channels vapours through a tube to an outlet duct on the outside of the building. This is a highly effective system, but not always practical if the cooktop’s location isn’t situated next to an internal wall. The Bora 'Recirculation System’ is the alternative solution, where the fumes and smells are channelled into specially designed filters that capture and eradicate the smells, keeping the air inside your kitchen fresh, clean and odourless.

The Range

With a small but powerful range of cooktop extractor systems and hobs, there is something for every home cook. Whether you are out to impress, or you simply want a solution for everyday mealtimes, Bora has the perfect cooktop and extraction fan system for you. If you would like to find out more about the range, please call either Lloyd or Gary on 01435 866166 using option 3 or 5 and they will provide you with all the information you need.

Bora Square 1

Bora Professional 2.0

Bora Square 2

Bora Classic 2.0

Bora Square 3

Bora Pure 2.0

Bora Professional 2.0

The Bora Professional 2.0 is considered the best of the best. Its modular system means that you can design your own combination of cooktops or grills, but the constant is the stylish and efficient central extractor fan. This powerful fan is mightily powerful, accurately controlled with integral dials and very quiet, making it the perfect tool for your new kitchen.

For pricing information on any of the Bora range, please call Lloyd or Gary on 01435 866166 and use option 3 or 5.

Bora Classic 2.0

The Bora Classic 2.0 was the 2020 German Design Award Winner, and for good reason. The combination cooktop extractor combines extraction efficiency with four oversized cook plates, meaning you’ll never be stuck for space, no matter how big the meal. The clever designers at Bora have created an extractor fan system that is incredibly easy to clean, and the automatic extractor control that adjusts the power to the current cooking conditions (without intervention from yourself) makes life in the kitchen a breeze.

Bora Extraction System

Bora Pure 2.0

The Bora Pure 2.0 is in a class of its own. The aesthetics are stunning, and it benefits from Bora’s range-wide efficiency, quiet volume and easy-to-clean parts, making it a truly useful addition to any kitchen. The recirculation model neutralises vapours and odours with an activated charcoal ingredient and is easily changed through the central inlet meaning that there’s no need to remove any awkward drawers or plinths.

Unrivalled Design

Unlike many other appliances available on the market, Bora cooktops are fully integrated into the design of your kitchen. They truly become part of your new interior, rather than looking like a last-minute addition. HKS’ excellent fitters will sit the appliance into your worktop, and place the buttons in the unit, meaning you benefit from an unrivalled design feature.

Here at HKS, we have a large range of working appliances in our showrooms based all over Sussex. You can see Bora products in our Haywards Heath, Heathfield and Eastbourne showrooms by simply popping in. To find out more, please call either Lloyd or Gary on 01435 866166 using option 3 or 5 and we will answer any questions you may have.

"We were impressed with the entire operation: noting our requirements and producing a design that not only met our needs and budget but also looked great; the services of competent workers who efficiently completed each stage of the project; consistent management and supervision of the entire process; immediate attention to the small number of snags that arose. We are delighted with the result. Very many thanks."


"Our dream kitchen has finally become a reality. Since you refurbished our master bedroom and en-suite bathroom 5 years ago our confidence in you all at HKS has never wavered, and indeed the kitchen has exceeded our expectations. We are also impressed with new innovations like boiling water tap, hob extractor etc., and colour schemes making the kitchen look so streamlined. We will certainly pass the HKS name around."


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