How To Achieve A Perfect Layout For Your Sussex Bathroom

The layout of your Sussex bathroom will provide the all-important foundations of your design. Achieving a great layout from the get-go is undeniably the difference between creating an adequate bathroom and a spectacular one.

Finding the perfect layout to suit your space can be a challenge, but at HKS, our experienced and talented designers are skilled in thinking outside the box to establish an arrangement that maximises every inch of your space. To help you get to grips with planning your new Sussex bathroom layout, we’ve put together this handy guide that explores some great ideas as well as giving you some points to consider.

Who will use your bathroom?

The first thing to address when planning your bathroom layout is who will be using the space. A guest en-suite will have very different requirements from your main family bathroom. Likewise, if your kids need to get ready for school in the morning as opposed to you and your partner leaving at separate times, your space may need to function differently. For example, his and hers basins or a trough sink are ideal for sharing during peak times, and a separate storage vanity will provide access when the sink is in use. As well as considering who will use your bathroom now, you should also plan for the future. If your family could potentially grow, you may want to accommodate a bathtub in your new layout. Your new Sussex bathroom should be tailored to suit your unique needs and lifestyle.


What uses will your bathroom have?

Once you’re clear on who will use your bathroom, you can get to grips with outlining the specific features you’d like to include in your space. Do you enjoy long relaxing baths, or do you prefer a quick shower? Do you need somewhere to do your hair and make-up, or perhaps you need a place to store laundry? Defining how you intend to use your space and clarifying your storage requirements will ensure your new layout is as practical as possible.


Getting Started On Your Project

The first step to planning your new Sussex bathroom layout is to draw up a floor plan. You will need to measure your space accurately, including any features like chimney breasts, doorways or alcoves. Once you have a scale plan mocked up, you can start playing around with different arrangements. The best way to do this is by using scale cutouts. Below are some dimensions to help you:

  • The minimum size for a straight bath is 1500 x 700mm.
  • The minimum shower size is 760 x 760 mm.
  • Close-coupled toilets range from 595 to 800mm in depth/projection.
  • You should allow 760mm clearance from the front edge of each of your fixtures.
  • A clear span of 1020mm is recommended for basins and toilets.


We also recommend you check the most up to date building regulations on the government planning portal to make sure your new design isn’t in breach of any rules, as this could impact the sale of your property.


Our 5 Top Bathroom Layout Tips

Keep It Simple

Only including essential features in your new Sussex bathroom is a great way to maximise your space practically as well as visually. A cluttered bathroom with too many elements squeezed in will restrict the flow of the room as well as looking cramped and uninviting. The simple bathroom layout below establishes a calm and distinctly elegant ambience. Explore this Sussex bathroom in more detail by clicking here.

Think About Your Space Not Just The Floor Plan

When you work from a floor plan, it can be easy to forget about the other details of your room, however, they can be just as important to the success of your design. For example, in the Sussex bathroom below, we’ve chosen to position the loo and bidet at the lowest point of the room, maximising the space and minimising the risk of accidental knocks.

Don’t Feel Confined To Four Walls

Adding either a half-height or full-height partition wall to your design can transform the potential of your bathroom space. They can be ideal for introducing privacy and making large bathrooms feel cosy, and they can also provide a useful extra surface to position a basin, storage unit or mirror. When it comes to finding your ideal Sussex bathroom layout, thinking outside the box (literally) can help you discover a fantastic practical and stylish solution.

Make Your Bath The Star Of The Show

One of the most striking layout options suited to more spacious bathrooms is to position your bathtub as a focal point within the room. Drawing attention to a luxurious freestanding bathtub is a great way to add a relaxing and sumptuous atmosphere to your space. Smaller freestanding tubs can be suitable for more compact bathrooms.

Bathroom in white

Don’t Forget To Plan Storage

A messy bathroom strewn with bottles and toiletries is neither practical nor relaxing, and it certainly isn’t much fun to clean. Bathroom storage is absolutely essential when it comes to creating a functional and clutter-free space. Under-sink vanities and mirrored wall-hung cabinets make a great solution and shouldn’t impact your layout too much. However, you may need to factor some additional storage into your plan.


The layout of your Sussex bathroom is undeniably one of the most important factors to get right if you’re new interior is truly going to stand the test of time. It may take a few attempts before you find the perfect layout to suit you and your family, but hopefully our thorough tips have helped. If you’d like more advice on planning your bathroom layout, or to find out about our Sussex bathroom design and installation service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call our friendly team on 01435 866166 or email