Storage Tips & Ideas To Create A Practical & Stylish Kitchen

Here at HKS, we’ve been designing and installing outstanding Sussex kitchens for over 35 years, and one thing that our clients always ask is, will I have enough storage? It can be surprising just how much space utensils, crockery, appliances, and ingredients can take up. But with our smart storage solutions and some clever kitchen planning, we can help maximise your storage to ensure that not only are your worksurfaces clutter-free, but your kitchen is completely effortless to use and enjoy. Our experienced team have put together a collection of their top storage tips to help you get the most from your space.


A Drawer For Everything

Enabling effortless access to the back of your units, drawers are much more practical and convenient to use than cupboards. And with heavy-duty durable hinges included with all our kitchens, there are no limitations to what you can store. From pots and pans to jars and spices, you will never have to battle to the back of a cupboard again to find what you’re looking for. For a stunning sleek finish our drawers can be hidden within a panty unit, multi-level drawers can also be concealed. While opting for drawers instead of cupboards won’t necessarily offer you any extra storage capacity, improving accessibility can help to maximise how you use the valuable space.

Luxurious Pantry Cupboards

A gorgeous pantry cupboard provides a stylish and sophisticated answer to all your storage needs. With an impressive capacity and a host of ingeniously planned bespoke compartments and door-mounted shelves, you can find everything you need in one place with a beautifully crafted kitchen pantry. Based on a shaker style design, the luxurious pantry cupboard works best in more traditional interiors. However, the pantry concept can easily be applied to establish equally fantastic storage in a contemporary kitchen design.

Clever Corner Storage Solutions

A crucial way to enhance your kitchen storage is to make sure no space goes to waste. Though common in many kitchens, corner cupboards have the potential to be incredibly impractical and awkward to use. To ensure you benefit from the full capacity of your corner unit, it’s worth investing in a clever carousel or pull-out system. Bear in mind that a better quality design will withstand a heavier weight which can be important if you plan to store hefty crockery or pots and pans.

Classic Countertop Cupboards

As well as looking charming in a classic country kitchen, elegant countertop cupboards can be a great way to maximise storage. Unlike overhead units, countertop cupboards utilise the space in between your worktop and cupboard shelves, increasing the most easily accessible storage area in your kitchen. Countertop cupboards are ideal for keeping appliances like toasters and kettles out of sight, making them a great place to create a handy breakfast bar, or for something altogether more luxurious, why not opt for a glamorous cocktail bar?

Free Up Fridge Space

If you love hosting and entertaining, then you’ll no doubt notice that it’s not just your cupboards bursting at the seams. Including a wine cooler in your kitchen design is a great way to free up space in your fridge and, of course, a perfectly chilled glass of wine makes for a rather delicious treat in the evening.

Keep Some Items On Display

When in pursuit of the immaculate, uncluttered and organised kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, it can be tempting to try and hide away as much of your kitchenware as possible. However, having a kitchen packed with cabinets can leave you with a space that feels more claustrophobic than coordinated. Adding open shelving to your interior, whether on a wall or integrated into a kitchen island, will help balance storage and style. Display shelving cleverly allows you to bring a touch of character and personality to your space while providing the perfect home for your favourite ornaments and cookbooks.

Think Outside The Box

Your storage needn’t just be limited to your kitchen. In an open-plan space, introducing storage in the same style as your kitchen to other parts of your room will establish a cohesive and attractive visual design while providing the additional capacity you require. In the kitchen below, the symmetrical cabinets add another dimension to our client’s home, framing the television screen and offering a spot to display vibrant houseplants and ornaments. When it comes to creating a kitchen that works for you, don’t be afraid to think outside the box (or your kitchen).


Having plenty of accessible storage is essential to the success of your kitchen. Thankfully, there are plenty of ingenious new ways to ensure you have all the storage you need to suit your family and lifestyle. If you’d like more tips on how to plan your kitchen storage, or if you’d like to discuss your upcoming kitchen project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. You can call us on 01435 866166 or click here to book a design appointment at your nearest showroom.