The Benefits Of Having A Dressing Room

There’s so much to consider whilst planning your upcoming fitted bedroom design. Here at HKS, we thrive on creating bespoke, fitted bedrooms that match all your specifications. When contemplating the different components of a new bedroom project, we always ask our clients how they wish to incorporate a dressing room into their upcoming design. Drawing from our 40 years of design experience, here, we will outline why we believe this part of the bedroom is essential.


Understated and striking, a muted palette continues to rank highly in the style stakes highlighting that subtle colour contrasts and earthy hues can go a long way in your kitchen design. By combining tones of muted colours you can cultivate a kitchen that emanates depth and space. These muted colours can seem flat at first, but with the right combination complemented by wooden accents, you can create a kitchen space that feels natural, warm, and spacious.

In addition to the surplus surface it provides, a dressing room enhances your space by introducing storage options for all your essentials. From socks to underwear, with however many drawers you require, this is a smart storage solution within your bedroom retreat. It can even free up extra floor space and offer the potential for discreet seating. By using an overarching shelf that accommodates seating, you can create a purposeful booth. This arrangement serves as the perfect spot where you can sit comfortably and prepare for your day or special evening out. The versatility of a dressing room within your design is limitless, with space being one of its primary advantages.


Incorporating a dressing room into your fitted bedroom design can be a game-changer when it comes to organisation. It provides a dedicated space to streamline your wardrobe and accessories, making it easier to keep everything in order. With ample shelving, hanging space, and storage compartments, you can neatly categorise your clothing, shoes, and accessories, ensuring that each item has its designated place. This not only eliminates clutter from the bedroom itself but also simplifies your daily routine. Everything is within reach and clearly visible, making it effortless to select outfits and accessories, ultimately saving you time and reducing stress in the mornings. A well-designed dressing room is the epitome of organisation and convenience, allowing you to maximise your space and enjoy a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing bedroom. Organisation is the key to success in every aspect of life and implementing it in your fitted bedroom is an ideal way to start.


Rather than leaving your clothing and belongings lying around, storing them safely within your dressing room offers an ideal way to protect them, securing their longevity. A dresser and fitted furniture within this space serve as a shield against stains, dust, and potential damage from their environment. It provides a safe haven for your essential items, keeping them preserved and in pristine condition.

Life And Character In Your Design

A lavish dressing room with an elegant dresser is the crowning touch for your fitted bedroom design, offering more than just style. Complete with mirrors and thoughtfully chosen personal items, it creates a captivating focal point within your room. Beyond its charm, a beautiful dressing facility breaks the visual monotony of your fitted bedroom arrangement, infusing it with interest.
The transformative power of lighting comes into play when you add it to your vanity area within your dressing room. Gentle, ambient lighting fosters a serene and relaxing environment, while brighter lighting offers increased clarity for tasks at the vanity. By thoughtfully combining these lighting options with your personal touches, you can breathe life and character into your bedroom design.


In so many of the points, we have highlighted the practicality of incorporating a dressing room within your bedroom design. At HKS, you can completely customise your dressing room design to add extra functions, such as built-in jewellery compartments to protect your valuable possessions. Some dressers can be equipped with USB charging points in convenient places for easy access whilst on the move. Furthermore, hidden compartments can be integrated into your dresser, so you have a place to tuck away your treasures. This versatile area is sure to uplift your bedroom design to new heights with its multiple functions.

The benefits of a dressing room within your design are abundant. This integral space effortlessly marries aesthetics with practicality, resulting in the perfect finishing touch for your design.

At HKS, our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in creating the ideal dressing room to harmonise with your space. We offer expert guidance, taking your preferences into account, and ensuring you have all the necessary information to make well-informed decisions about your project.

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