10 of the Latest Kitchen Trends

At HKS we appreciate the significance of the kitchen in your home, not merely a place for culinary creations, it’s also a place where lasting memories are made. Before embarking on your kitchen design journey at HKS, we recommend looking at some of the latest inspiring and provocative kitchen trends that may spark your imagination and creativity whilst planning your new kitchen project.

An Earthy Muted Palette

Understated and striking, a muted palette continues to rank highly in the style stakes highlighting that subtle colour contrasts and earthy hues can go a long way in your kitchen design. By combining tones of muted colours you can cultivate a kitchen that emanates depth and space. These muted colours can seem flat at first, but with the right combination complemented by wooden accents, you can create a kitchen space that feels natural, warm, and spacious.

Integrated Lighting

The arrangement and integration of lighting within your design has the power to completely transform the ambience and character of your space, therefore it’s understandable that this design characteristic is gaining more popularity. From concealed panel lighting beneath cabinets to the seamless flow of trim lighting along your handleless cabinetry, there’s an array of methods to enhance and illuminate your kitchen. Whether you’re highlighting your favourite kitchen tools with vibrant panel lighting or crafting a serene haven to relax in, your lighting sets the tone for the heart of your home. The incorporation of various dimming options can significantly influence the visual appeal and atmosphere, making it no surprise that integrated lighting is becoming a firm favourite in kitchen design. Whether it’s creating depth with discreet alcove lighting or accentuating the intricate elements of your design, how you will use integrated lighting is a vital consideration for your upcoming project.

A Green Or Blue Colour Scheme

Shades of green and blue continue to maintain their status in kitchen design, boasting versatile hues that have proven to be enduring choices. Choosing the perfect colour combination for your cabinetry can be quite a task,  whether you’re aiming for a striking and bold colour palette or a mix of serene neutrals, green and blue tones provide the perfect solution. Regardless of whether you’re drawn to current trends or prefer a more timeless approach, both of these shades, whether used individually or in combination, offer the opportunity to craft a sophisticated and ageless aesthetic.

Kitchen with herringbone floor

Wall Panelling

Wall panelling is a prominent style trend in all rooms of the house and especially in kitchens, as it adds depth and dimension to your design. By incorporating wall panelling, you can create the illusion of a more elongated space, instantly enhancing its visual allure. Beyond its inherent stylishness, wall panelling also serves to conceal unsightly marks, imperfections, or scratches you might want to hide. This feature is an ideal method to refresh a room, and in addition to its aesthetic advantages, it provides thermal and acoustic insulation, imparting warmth and diminishing noise. Given its advantages and its ability to make a bold yet straightforward impact, it’s no wonder that wall panelling is currently on-trend.

Mornington Beaded Dove Grey (2)

Wooden Accents

It’s important to fall in love with every aspect of your new interior design and timber tones can accentuate all the features of your kitchen space, effortlessly emitting a feeling of openness by bringing the wonder of nature and the great outdoors in. Whatever your wood preference, whether you prefer chunky oak or lighter shades of beech, wood is an adaptable material that can complement any kitchen space. This timeless kitchen piece defies the style trends and always proves to be a worthy risk when selecting the final touches to your kitchen design.

Heathfield Display In-Frame Kitchen

Free Standing Furniture

As one of the busiest rooms in your home, it is easy to see why free-standing furniture is advantageous to any kitchen design. Flying high in the kitchen style trends, free-standing furniture can provide both beautiful aesthetics and convenient functionality. From distinctive traditional larders, rustic butcher’s blocks to free-standing robust islands with plenty of storage space, adding free-standing furniture to your kitchen design is a flexible and sustainable choice, as you can easily rearrange your furnishings depending on your preferences and needs. It’s an ideal way to complement your kitchen space and elevate it to match current trends.

Slab Backsplashes

A slab backsplash creates a focal point and a distinctive design feature in your kitchen. Eliminating grout lines and creating a seamless sense of openness and space, a slab backsplash offers not only beauty but practicality to your kitchen environment.

This naturally eye-catching feature upgrades any culinary space, whether you have a traditional or contemporary kitchen design in mind, a versatile backsplash can become a stylish statement piece in your kitchen. As a prevalent trend, from showstopping granite to adaptable, fluid acrylic, you can choose from an extensive range of materials and patterns to create the exact look you desire for your kitchen project.

Hidden Pantries

Convenience is a cornerstone in any kitchen design, creating a functional space that can withstand the wear and tear of day-to-day life underpins everything in your new kitchen project. Therefore, it is no surprise that hidden cupboard pantries continue to be a popular choice. Hidden pantries are a great way to conceal the clutter from your ongoing culinary masterpieces by ensuring your new kitchen cabinetry has integrated drawers, open shelving, and worktop spaces that can be easily hidden by simply sliding across or closing a cupboard door. Large integrated drawers and open shelving can also enable you to organise and store condiments quickly and avoid any unwanted mess. It is the perfect feature to add to your upcoming kitchen design to complement your lifestyle and facilitate a flawless uncluttered surface.

Bespoke Kitchen Cupboard

Spa-like Kitchens

Soft colours, wide spaces and earthy natural hues can capture the essence of what it feels like to be in a spa, creating another purpose for your multifunctional kitchen. These attributes cultivate a place to breathe, reflect and rejuvenate after a busy day. By blending neutral and natural colours, this spa-like look is a top pick in kitchen design, evoking a serene ambience that makes your kitchen feel more like a relaxing retreat as opposed to a space for social gatherings. With our busy, demanding daily lives, the need to slow down and be mindful of our surroundings is becoming more and more of a necessity. A seamless way to create this look in your design is by employing soft neutral colours complemented by natural tones such as stone and wood to captivate a sense of peace and tranquillity that will resonate throughout your home.

Kitchen Island

Metallic Finishes

Looking for a way to add a touch of grandeur and opulence to your kitchen? There is no better way than using metallic finishes to create glamourous accents that uplift your kitchen cabinetry and revitalise your design. From jewel bright taps to striking steel surfaces, these finishing touches can make a big difference and have established a popular rating in our current kitchen trends. From aged brass to copper tones, there are many choices and styles to choose from when refining the last details of your kitchen installation. Whether you adorn your cabinet hardware or statement lighting, metallic finishes can create a warm atmospheric glow in your kitchen space.

Grey Shaker Kitchen

There are endless ideas here that are sure to ignite your imagination on how best to enhance and uplift your kitchen design. When you are ready to take those next steps in your kitchen journey, our experts are on hand to offer ample guidance on where to begin and show you how you can incorporate current trends in your upcoming kitchen project. We look forward to hearing from you!