Design Ideas & Inspiration For Your Sussex Kitchen Project

At HKS we’ve been designing and installing outstanding bespoke kitchens across Sussex for almost 40 years. Every kitchen we create is tailored around our client’s taste, lifestyle and Sussex home, which makes each and every one unique. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to creating your ideal kitchen that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Whether you live in a charming country cottage or a contemporary seaside villa, you’ll want to create a space that reflects your personality as well as the individual character of your home. To help give you some ideas and inspiration for your project, we’ve put together a diverse collection of some of our favourite Sussex kitchens for you to explore.


Elegant Crowborough Country Kitchen

In a county littered with quaint villages and picturesque countryside, our timeless classic kitchens make a wonderful choice. Situated in the beautiful Weald at the edge of the Ashdown Forest, Crowborough is the perfect setting for an elegant traditional kitchen interior.

Our stunning in-frame kitchens represent the ultimate in classic luxury. Their traditional handcrafted production imbues them with wonderful character and charm, making them ideal for any Crowborough home. At HKS our beautiful kitchens are completely bespoke, and this allows us to work with the features of your room such as alcoves, beams and other tricky architectural details. In the kitchen below, a curved peninsula mirroring a quirky alcove and cleverly positioned countertop cupboards subtly accentuate the period features of this property.

In older houses, natural light can sometimes be limited. Opting for a bright and neutral colour scheme such as a graceful grey, cream, or beige will bring an elegant touch of warmth whilst keeping the space feeling fresh and airy. In the kitchen below, under-cabinet LEDs add an extra level of practical and stylish lighting. A textural granite worktop resonates with the country-style stone floor making the perfect finishing touch.

If you’re looking to bring a sense of traditional and understated luxury to your Crowborough kitchen then consider pairing a clean and elegant colour scheme with a classic bespoke in-frame design.

Stylish & Inviting Contemporary Seaford Kitchen

In complete contrast, this dramatic contemporary kitchen set on the East Sussex coastline creates a stunning backdrop to share with family and friends. While striking handleless cabinetry establishes a cutting-edge starting point, rustic exposed brickwork and rich natural wood flooring and work surfaces bring a wonderfully eclectic and welcoming touch to the design.

A deep navy-blue colour palette delivers a strong aesthetic; however, the warm undertones of this hue subtly contribute to the inviting and vibrant atmosphere of the space. A dark indigo blue is a perfect choice if you are looking to make a stylish yet timeless statement.

When it comes to creating your ideal Seaford kitchen, the finishing touches are just as important as the big decisions. Pairing an American-style fridge freezer with industrial spotlights and a stainless-steel tambour cupboard adds an informal edge to this kitchen, while luxurious velvet bar stools create a contrastingly chic finish.

Clean & Minimalist Burgess Hill Kitchen

Handleless kitchens are incredibly versatile. While on the one hand, they can provide a subtle base for a boldly eclectic and charismatic interior, they can also lend themselves perfectly to creating a distinctively cool, clean and contemporary environment. If you’re looking to transform your Burgess Hill kitchen with a truly modern, stylish and minimal design then a sleek gloss handleless kitchen is a wonderful choice.

Opting for an all-white colour scheme will not only make a striking statement, but it will also immediately make your Burgess Hill kitchen feel spacious and open. With such a bright and clean design, it’s easy to introduce plenty of storage without the space becoming claustrophobic or cluttered.

Adding lighting above and below the cabinetry in this contemporary kitchen brings another dimension to the design, creating a stylish radiant ambience. The kick space lighting is particularly effective when paired with sleek polished tile flooring. A bright monochrome gloss interior is an ideal way to create an effortlessly sophisticated and stylish Burgess Hill kitchen.

Sophisticated Lewes Handleless Shaker Kitchen

Our handleless shaker kitchen is a new addition to our collection. It offers an impressive opportunity to strike the perfect balance between the uncluttered look of a sleek handleless kitchen and the charming classic detailing of a shaker design. This fusion of contemporary and traditional styling brings with it incredible design flexibility.

In this Lewes kitchen, a two-tone colour scheme adds depth and character to the space. A soft neutral greige creates an elegant background while a dark navy island balances the vibrant electric blue accents. The contemporary blue hexagonal tiles and stylish pendant lights work wonderfully with this versatile kitchen design, injecting a bold splash of personality and energy.

A light oak floor laid in a chevron pattern softens the space, establishing an inviting atmosphere while still feeling fresh and modern. Each element of this Lewes kitchen reflects a refined combination of modern and classic design capturing our Lewes client’s individual style perfectly.

Traditional Kitchen Island


With so many colours, furniture styles and finishing touches to choose from, transforming your Sussex kitchen presents an exciting opportunity to create a unique space that’s perfectly tailored to your home and lifestyle. If you’d like to find out more about our fantastic range of kitchens or to discuss how we might be able to help you with your project, please call us on 01435 866166 or email