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The Benefits of Installing a Water Softener in the Household

The Benefits of Installing a Water Softener in the Household

Lloyd Burgess

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Lloyd Burgess

The Benefits of Water Softeners

It was very good to meet with Gina of BWT water softeners recently.  She came into the showroom to highlight the many benefits of installing a water softener in the household.  The water hardness levels vary in Sussex from town to town but we are generally in a ‘hard water’ area, with towns like Eastbourne really suffering from hard water. 

The effects of hard water can be seen all around your home: lime scale deposits in the kitchen and bathroom can damage delicate surfaces and leave unsightly marks on glass, ceramics and bright surfaces.  Your appliances and central heating system can suffer too- even a small amount of scale can reduce their efficiency and life expectancy.

The benefits of installing a water softener include:

-        Keeps your kitchen and bathroom scale and spot free.

-        Descales your boiler and appliances within 6 months and makes them last years longer.

-        Eliminates existing scale on your bathroom taps, shower valves and shower screens.

-        All your pipes throughout the whole house will descale within 2 years and work more efficiently, whilst reducing your heating bills.

-        Tea and coffee tastes so much nicer!

-        Skin- no more dry skin and Eczema cases usually clear up.

-        No more hand creams or the need for moisturisers.

-        Shampoo – half the amount is needed.

-        Household cleaning products and body soaps/gels – half the amount is needed.

-        No more descalers, dishwasher salt or rinse aid.

-        Half the amount of dishwasher powder is needed.

At HKS we will be recommending water softeners to all our customers when we fit new kitchens and bedrooms.  Every house in the South of England should have a water softener!

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