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Choosing The Right Worktop For Your Kitchen

Choosing The Right Worktop For Your Kitchen

Lloyd Burgess

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Lloyd Burgess

Choosing the right worktop is of course one of the most important decisions you’ll make when looking to create your dream kitchen. With so many different types of worktop to choose from, however, it can be difficult to know where to start.

The process should begin by asking a series of questions to work out how you will use your new kitchen and your ambitions for the look and feel of your new space. We’ve put together this short blog to help you find out what worktops are going to work best for your new kitchen…


First, let’s talk about style. Interior design tends to move in trends but don’t make the mistake of spontaneously choosing a style that you are likely to fall out of love with six months down the line. Think instead with a long-term focus. Does your home have a more traditional or more contemporary aesthetic? Do you prefer warmer, more tactile materials or a cooler, sleeker look? Think also about tones and textures that you like do some research into kitchen colours to give you an idea of the styles you might like. You should also think about your current furnishings and kitchen layout to consider the elements that may work to complement your chosen worktop style.



Next, consider your lifestyle. Some people use their kitchen as a purely functional space in which to make food and eat. Others see it as the heart of the home & daily life and a place to frequently host guests. This part of the process also means considering your layout, as an eat-in kitchen or a larger, open-plan arrangement will naturally lend itself better to a more communal space.

Material Comparison

Now that you understand a little more about how to approach choosing the right worktop for your kitchen, we’ve compiled a rundown of the best features of the most common worktop materials for you to consider…



Laminate is low maintenance, cost-effective, non-porous, water- and scratch-resistant and versatile. It’s also a very cost-effective worktop option.


Wood worktops are typically very affordable, have a timeless aesthetic, are abundant in character and warmth and are very flexible to fit most size and shapes of kitchen.


Granite is undeniably stylish, sophisticated, timeless, durable and heat-resistant. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain.


A sleek and beautiful option, Porcelain type worktops, such as Dekton, can be a very practical worktop solution and is heat- and water-resistant. It’s absolutely ideal for a contemporary setting.


Composite is highly durable, scratch-, stain- and hear-resistant. It’s also affordable and can be very versatile too.


Of course, budget is a consideration for every kitchen project and worktops can vary greatly is cost. More luxurious worktop styles and materials have emerged in recent years which can bring an extra sense of style and sophistication to your space. As an alternative, there are many different material options at a mid-range price point which are still practical and stylish but are somewhat more affordable. Don’t forget to consider any added costs in your price structure such as templating too. Our expert designers are always on hand here at HKS to discuss your project further and to work closely with you to create a kitchen which is both beautiful and within your budget.


If your layout and space are pre-defined, this will help with the decision-making process on which material is best for your kitchen worktop. You may need your worktop material to fit seamlessly with a lot of corners and tight spaces, for example.


Some worktop materials such as wood require a very high level of maintenance while others are far more resistant and naturally durable. Will you continuously stay on top of grime and maintenance? If not, it may be wise to go for a lower-maintenance worktop option.

So, as you can see, different materials offer a range of benefits that will work according to your unique lifestyle and requirements. Choosing your ideal kitchen worktop should be viewed as an important investment that will uplift your home and help ensure you’ll love your new kitchen for many years to come.

At HKS, we create kitchens to suit a range of budgets. If you’re looking to create your dream kitchen, come and visit us at one of our beautiful kitchen showrooms. Alternatively, you can contact your local HKS showroom now by clicking here.

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