Stunning Kitchens in Peacehaven

Everything about our Peacehaven kitchens exudes quality, luxury, and elegance. Designed around you and your home, our remarkably affordable kitchens make the perfect choice for your upcoming project.

Outstanding Peacehaven Kitchen Design

At HKS, we know that even with the most luxurious, high-quality products in the world, if your Peacehaven kitchen isn’t carefully designed around your individual needs, your project will never truly reach its full potential. The heart of your home, your kitchen is so much more than just a place to cook. From hosting family get-togethers to entertaining the grandkids, how you choose to enjoy your Peacehaven kitchen is unique to you, and your bespoke design should reflect this.

Our talented and experienced designers will take as much time as needed to get to know you and your Peacehaven home. They won’t start work on your project until they are completely clear on your brief and your specific requirements. Combining our luxurious modern and traditional kitchen products with their innovative design know-how, our team will strive to find the best bespoke solution for your space. Your meticulously crafted new Peacehaven kitchen will create a beautiful focal point to your home that enhances your lifestyle and transforms your cooking capabilities.

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Smooth Fully Managed Installations

We appreciate that the thought of undertaking a complex home renovation can be daunting, and no doubt, quality and reliability will be at the top of your list of concerns. From design to installation, achieving a highly functional and stylish long-lasting kitchen requires outstanding attention to detail and technical expertise. At HKS, we’ve been bringing stunning Peacehaven interiors to life for 40 years, and so we know a thing or two about what it takes to create a fantastic kitchen.

Our experienced team of in-house designers and installation specialists are committed to carrying out your project to the highest standards. Throughout your kitchen journey, your designated installation manager will oversee the work, making sure each stage runs on time and on budget. Our impeccable managed service means that not only is creating your dream Peacehaven kitchen incredibly convenient, but you can also trust that your new interior will reflect the most exceptional professional quality.

Peacehaven’s Local Experts

In 1982 Tim and Alison Burgess opened their first kitchen showroom. A thriving local independent company, HKS remains in the hands of the same family today. With almost four decades of experience and a faultless reputation to match, HKS is undeniably one of Peacehaven’s leading kitchen design and installation specialists. We pride ourselves on our traditional values, offering our clients excellent value and quality they can trust. Meet our team and find out more about our friendly local kitchen professionals by clicking here.

Showroom InFrame Kitchen
Mornington Beaded Dove Grey (2)

Fantastic Peacehaven Kitchen Appliances

Our exciting, cutting-edge appliances make cooking and enjoying your Peacehaven kitchen easier than ever before. Enabled with state-of-the-art smart technology, our appliances truly represent the ultimate in modern convenience. From more well-known brands to high-end suppliers, you can explore the range of appliances we supply by clicking here.

Visit Our Nearby Kitchen Showroom

Paying a visit to your nearest HKS showroom is undeniably the best way to experience our luxurious kitchens. Discovering our elegant collection of modern and traditional designs is sure to leave you feeling inspired. What’s more, when you see our stunning kitchens up close, you will immediately appreciate their superb quality and immaculate finish.

We have four showrooms located across East Sussex. However, at just a 40-minute drive from Peacehaven, our Eastbourne store is your nearest. Our professional team will be delighted to give you a warm welcome and answer any questions you might have about our kitchens or your project. To find more information about your nearest HKS showroom, please click the button below.

In-Frame Kitchens

Our handmade in-frame kitchens undeniably represent the height of luxury and elegance. Based upon age-old cabinetry building techniques, our meticulously crafted in-frame designs will stand the test of time for years to come.

High-Quality Yet Affordable Peacehaven Kitchens

As your trusted local kitchen experts, we take great pride in putting our Peacehaven customers first. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality. However, we believe that excellent quality should be affordable. We’ve dedicated many years to sourcing a collection of luxurious modern and traditional products that represent superb style, durability and ultimately, fantastic value. Our carefully chosen range, paired with the expertise of our wonderful team, ensures all our stunning Peacehaven kitchens live up to your exacting standards.

Contemporary Kitchens

With a fantastic range of handle and handleless styles to choose from, our stunning contemporary kitchens offer amazing design versatility. Opt for a dramatic gloss finish to make a statement or for something more subtle, select a soft matt look in one of our favourite neutral colours.

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"We were impressed with the entire operation: noting our requirements and producing a design that not only met our needs and budget but also looked great; the services of competent workers who efficiently completed each stage of the project; consistent management and supervision of the entire process; immediate attention to the small number of snags that arose. We are delighted with the result. Very many thanks."


"Our dream kitchen has finally become a reality. Since you refurbished our master bedroom and en-suite bathroom 5 years ago our confidence in you all at HKS has never wavered, and indeed the kitchen has exceeded our expectations. We are also impressed with new innovations like boiling water tap, hob extractor etc., and colour schemes making the kitchen look so streamlined. We will certainly pass the HKS name around."


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With almost 40 years of experience and an unrivalled reputation for quality, HKS are your trusted local kitchen experts. To find out exactly how we can bring your beautiful bespoke Peacehaven kitchen to life, book an appointment to discuss your project at your nearby showroom.