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Matt Haining

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Matt Haining


I recently made a trip to the BSH group IQ training academy in Milton Keynes.

The purpose of this day is to learn more about the Siemens brand, and familiarise ourselves with the latest models available.

A great feature of the day was cooking – The Siemens head chef demonstrated perfectly the ovens, hobs, and extractors by cooking a variety of meals using top quality meats & vegetables.  

One clever feature which caught my eye was the new Home Connect app. This allows users to remotely control appliances from their mobile phone.

To do this Siemens have introduced a Wi-Fi feature on their latest appliances, enabling pre-heating of ovens, starting a wash, and checking the contents of your fridge.

As technology is ever-expanding, this is a great feature to keep up with modern times, whilst also making a busy working life much easier.

For further information on Siemens appliances please feel free to talk to a member of staff in any of our four showrooms.

Alternatively there is additional information about the Home Connect app on the Siemens website:

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