Miele Appliances
Miele Appliances

Miele Appliances

Gary Sparks

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Gary Sparks

The name Miele is a brand within the industry well known for its superior quality & outstanding customer service & cutting edge design. Miele manufacture a vast amount of appliances from vacuum cleaners to ovens, hobs, extractors, fridges, freezers & dishwashers & all the appliances are manufactured with German precision. Miele was founded in 1899 and their company’s strap line is “immer besser” this means Miele are striving to be forever better than their competitors & are always improving their products. Miele offer unique selling points such as… 

1.      All washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, & ovens are tested to the equivalent use of 20 years.

2.      All Miele single ovens offer a huge 76 ltr capacity.

3.      Miele offer manual controls for their ovens “Easy Control” or for the more experimental chief they offer the touch controls “M Touch” which allows the user access to a vast array of automatic cooking functions.

4.      Miele offer “Connectivity” which allows the hob to talk to the extractor above, this allows the extractor to turn on automatically when the hob is being used & will adjust the speed of the extractor according to the level the hob is set at.  

HKS is proud to be a supplier of this fantastic range of appliances & we have Miele on display at our Haywards Heath branch, please call 01435 866166 option 5 if you require any further information on these fantastic products.

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