The benefits of induction cooking
The Growing Popularity of Induction Hobs

The Growing Popularity of Induction Hobs

Davina Keohane

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Davina Keohane

Many customers buying a new kitchen decide to choose an induction hob.   Some are a little wary initially of how they work and how much control they have over the heat settings but once they have seen a demonstration in the showroom they realise how many advantages they have.

An induction hob is the most efficient method of cooking.  Extremely fast with the ability to accurately control the power.   Induction hobs contain a strong electromagnet positioned under the surface of the hob and when a zone is activated and a ferrous metal saucepan is placed on it, a circuit is created which begins a rapid, even transference of heat to the base of the pan and it’s contents.

Apart from being very speedy they are extremely controllable and responsive plus because they have a flat, non-porous surface they can be wiped over even during cooking and any food spills won’t become burnt onto the surface so the hob always looks like new.                                               

Obviously because they are speedy and responsive they also use less electricity and they are incredibly safe as once the saucepan has been removed from the hob there is little residual heat.   This is a benefit when young children or the very elderly are in the kitchen plus you will never feel you are “slaving” over a hot hob again as there is no blast of heat hitting you!    So many advantages of an induction hob and many different sizes to suit any kitchen layout.

Call into one of our four showrooms to view an induction hob and to discuss the benefits. 

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