Dekton Kitchen worktops
Dekton Worktops

Dekton Worktops

Lloyd Burgess

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Lloyd Burgess

At HKS we offer a wide range of worktop options for your fitted kitchen.  One of the more popular choices of worktops at the moment is a material called Dekton.  Dekton is manufactured by the large Spanish company Cosentino and is an absolutely superb worktop material for a kitchen.

We have Dekton on display at our Haywards Heath, Eastbourne and St.Leonards showrooms and when customers see this product and are shown the benefits it usually becomes a priority for their kitchen.

Imagine a worktop where you can put any hot pan directly on it and is also completely scratch proof (matt colours only)!  You can cut vegetables directly on it, you can mark it with a marker pen and confidently clean it off afterwards.  The choice of worktop in a kitchen is so important to the enjoyment of the kitchen and having something that is pretty much bullet proof and is so easy to look after makes Dekton the number 1 choice.

If you are considering a new worktop or kitchen please call into one of our four showrooms in Haywards Heath, Eastbourne, St.Leonards on Sea or Heathfield. 

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