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Trip to Bora in Germany

Trip to Bora in Germany

Lloyd Burgess

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Lloyd Burgess

In September I was lucky enough to be invited to visit the Bora HQ near Munich.  It was a fantastic trip and I learnt a lot about the Bora products.  Bora hobs are now being sold successfully all over the world as people are realising the benefits of these superb products. 

On the first day we went through the 7 benefits of Bora: No extractor obstructing the view in the kitchen, very quiet, fresh air, ease of cleaning, highly effective, best materials and planning freedom.  We also went through the full product range and had a very inspirational speech by the founder of Bora Willie Bruckbauer. 

Previous to this trip I was very familiar with the Bora Basic hob but it was great to see the Bora Professional and Bora Classic working in the showroom.  That evening the professional Chef cooked us a lovely meal and it was amazing how well the extraction system worked.  For the starter he cooked six big salmon fillets and you really could not smell the fish in the showroom at all!  After this he cooked some huge pieces of steak and again all of the fat and smells were immediately ducted out.  It really was amazing how well the hobs coped.

The second day was spent looking at the more technical aspects of the hobs and it was good to learn about all of the ducting requirements and see how easily the products are fitted.  It was a great few days and was finished off with a lively evening at the local Beer festival. 

For more information on Bora or to place an order please call me on 01435 866166 (Option 5). 

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