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Bora extraction hobs are an incredibly exciting product for the Kitchen Industry.  Call us on 01444 452222 for prices on Bora Hobs, we are a UK stockist with four showrooms in Haywards Heath, Eastbourne, Heathfield and St.Leonards.  We deliver nationwide. 

The Bora principle is simple, all steam, fats and odours are immediately extracted into the centre of the hob where it goes through high quality grease filters and is then extracted out of the building externally or through charcoal filters (re-circulating model). 

This principle leads to many benefits:

FRESH AIR - The further cooking vapours travel the more likely they are to disperse and get into furntiure and textiles.  As everything is immediately sucked out on a Bora the result is an incredibly fresh room during and after cooking.

CLEAR VIEW - The Bora hobs are fantastic products to specify when designing kitchens and they are perfect in islands and peninsulars as there is no longer any need to have an extractor which will block the view of an open plan kitchen or get in the way.

NOISE - The Bora extractors are incredibly quiet and a lot quieter than most other extractors on the market.

ENERGY SAVING - The Bora hobs are much more environmentally friendly than convenional hobs/hoods. 

CLEANING - Bora hobs are extremely easy to clean.  Just remove the top cover and grease filter, put them in the dishwasher, wipe over the hob....job done!

QUALITY - Bora hobs are made of the best really is German engineering at its best.

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We supply the full range of Bora hobs including the Bora Basic, Bora Professional and Bora Classic as well as all the ducting. 

Bora Prices - How much do Bora hobs cost?  For prices on Bora hobs please call us on 01444 452222 and we will be happy to provide you with a quote and help with a specification. 

Bora Extraction Hobs

Bora Hobs