Beautiful Modern Living Space

Haywards Heath, West Sussex

This luxurious interior includes a range of sophisticated Daval furniture featuring Mayfair Cabinetry in Charcoal, which provides a sleek and modern aesthetic to the space. The dark, rich hue of the cabinetry adds a touch of elegance and is perfectly complemented by the Caesarstone Quartz worktop in Black Temple, giving the area a seamless and polished finish.

Detailing & Style

The space is embraced by the gentle warmth of a Zehnder Radiator – the Roda Vertical Single Panel model in a crisp white finish – which offers a striking contrast to the room’s darker furnishings, serving as both a functional heat source and a bold visual element. This radiator is tastefully juxtaposed with the expansive Daval Furniture Mayfair Cabinetry in Charcoal, which stretches elegantly across the room’s width. The cabinetry’s deep, smoky tones bring a cosy yet sophisticated ambiance to the environment. Together, these components meld to forge a space that exudes contemporary chic while ensuring a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.

“Excellent service, advice and attention to detail from design to installation. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

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