Vasco Radiators
Vasco Radiators

Vasco Radiators

Sue Knights

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Sue Knights

At HKS we highly recommend choosing a Vasco radiator for your kitchen, bathroom or any other living space in your home.

Instead of producing flamboyant but inefficient radiators, Vasco produce simple design-led radiators with high efficiency and high output. They are available in a wide choice of sizes and colours.

Vasco offer a range of Aluminium radiators which have the following benefits:

  • They are all 100% recyclable.

  • They conduct heat up to four times more efficiently than other radiators, which in essence uses less water.

  • Aluminium is much lighter than steel, therefore can easily be fixed to any wall in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

  • Aluminium is rust free and is perfect for humid conditions like bathrooms.

All Vasco radiators are supplied with a 10 year warranty and are available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

The Vasco radiators we have on display at our Heathfield showroom provide plenty of warmth and heat for us and our customers, when browsing our delighful kitchen, bedroom and bathroom displays.  We also have Vasco raditators on display at our Haywards Heath and Eastbourne showrooms. 

Contact us on 01435 866166 for a quote. 

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