Induction Hobs - Julia Goodbourn
Induction Hobs - Julia Goodbourn

Induction Hobs - Julia Goodbourn


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I am a great fan of induction hobs since having one installed in my new kitchen. Fast, responsive and easy to use, my induction hob is a pleasure to cook on.

While similar in appearance to a ceramic hob, the technology behind an induction hob is very different.  When a pan is placed on the hob it completes a circuit with a strong electromagnet beneath the glass plate. Heat is then rapidly transferred to the pan and its contents.

So the many benefits of an induction hob are –

Speed – a pan of water will come to the boil almost twice as fast as on a gas hob. This makes a great saving on cooking time, especially when rushing to prepare an evening meal.

Control – the induction hob is very responsive to changes to the temperature controls. As soon as a pan is lifted off the hob the circuit is broken and the surface of the hob instantly loses heat.

Energy efficiency – due to the fact that the hob is only ever heating the area covered by the base of the pan (as opposed to the whole ring on other hobs) and the speed of heating, induction hobs are a great way to save on using electricity.

Ease of cleaning – this is my favourite! Since most of the heat is transferred to the pan and its contents rather than to the hob surface, spills and splashes do not bake onto the glass top. Brilliant! I’ve thrown away my ceramic hob cleaner and non-scratch scraper, as all the hob needs is a wipe with a damp, soapy cloth to leave it looking like new. And that is even after a pan of milk has boiled over.

Most saucepans on sale now are suitable for use with an induction hob. If you are not certain whether your pans are compatible, the test is easy. Simply test the base of the pan with a magnet. If it is magnetic, then you have the right pan!

HKS are stockists for a number of manufacturers of induction hobs, including Neff, Siemens, Wolf and Bora. If you prefer the style and presence of a range oven in your kitchen then we can assist you with induction top options including Britannia, Lacanche and Falcon.

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